Duterte Announces Philippine ‘Separation’ from US

Source: Duterte Announces Philippine ‘Separation’ from US (http://globalsecurity.org/military/library/news/2016/10/mil-1651020-voa03.htm).

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 21 October 2016, post #2,

Accessed on 21 October 2016, 14:15 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  William Ide.


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is pulling away from the United States, both militarily and economically and realigning with the Peoples Republic of China.

In prepared remarks for his meeting with the Chinese President, Duterte said “America has lost now…I have realigned myself with your (China’s) ideological flow.” Duterte called Americans a “disastrous people”, and said “China doesn’t go around insulting people.”

Nicholas Thomas, a professor at City University of Hong Kong, added that the shift in Philippine foreign policy “is a big win for Beijing that will give it a way to consolidate its position in the area.”

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