Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 20 October 2016, post #1.

Today, I begin a new blog focusing on geopolitical intelligence and strategic forecasting. The reason I’ve started this blog is to help mitigate some of the poor and unfounded conclusions reached by my friends in the print and electronic media regarding the intelligence posture in the United States.

Some of the intelligence and military conclusions reached by candidates in local, state, and national elections are misinformed and just plain wrong.  Ignorance compounded by bad information is a recipe for national disaster.

The intent of this blog is to clear away the “rush to judgment” decisions many of us hold regarding how intelligence and security services, both here and abroad, protect their citizens and national governments.

This posts will attempt to explain why our government adopts certain policies and forms alliances with countries often opposed to our way of life.  I will cite nationally known and reputable intelligence and security websites, publications, and reports to back up my positions.  Hopefully, research into these sources will help you understand how the world really works and why our way of life is endangered by bad, unproven information.

This blog is a project in progress and will be expanded as I add more sources.  Most of these sources will be found in the blog sidebars.

I look forward to hearing from you as the site matures.  As always, the opinions expressed in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for joining me today!

Until next time,

Russ Roberts

Site Administrator

Hawaii Intelligence Digest.

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