United States: Cyberattack Targets Major Internet Domain Host | Stratfor

A distributed-denial-of-service attack on the servers of Dyn, a major domain name server host in the United States, caused temporary outages of sites beginning at 7 a.m. EDT on Oct. 21, The New York Times reported.

HAWAII INTELLIGENCE DIGEST, 22 October 2016, 17:25 hrs, UTC.

Source: United States: Cyberattack Targets Major Internet Domain Host | Stratfor (https://www.stratfor.com/situation-report-united-states-cyberattack-targets-major-internet-domain-host).

Accessed on 22 October 2016, 17:25 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Stratfor Geopolitical Intelligence (https://stratfor.com).

Please click link to read the situation report on the latest Denial of Service Attack.


Here we go again.  According to the “New York Times”, the attack against the Dyn Domain Server in the United States began early Friday morning, 21 October 2016, and affected several websites, including Reddit, PayPal, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud.  The Dyn DNS was back to normal about three hours later.

The source of the outage remains unknown.  The usual suspects come to mind–North Korea, Iran, Peoples Republic of China, and the Russian Federation.

The Cyberwar has already begun. Expect more DOS attacks in the coming months.

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