U.S. Authorities Rule Ex-Kremlin Official Mikhail Lesin’s Death An Accident

Source: U.S. Authorities Rule Ex-Kremlin Official Mikhail Lesin’s Death An Accident (http://www.globalsecurity.org/library/news/russia-161028-frerI01.htm).

HAWAII INTELLIGENCE DIGEST, 30 October 2016, 01:15 hrs, UTC, Post #10.

Accessed on 30 October 2016, 01:15 hrs, UTC.

Reporters:  Mike Eckel and Carl Schreck (Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe).

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A long standing  mystery has been solved.  On Friday, 28 October 2016, federal prosecutors ruled that 57-year-old Mikhail Lesin, a former press secretary for Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, died in a Washington, D.C. hotel “due to falls that left him with blunt force injuries during heavy drinking for several days.”

According to a Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe report, his death “has been shrouded in mystery and the subject of speculation about what the former Kremlin official was doing in Washington at the time.”

Lesin, whose family now lives in California, lost his job in 2013 under as yet unexplained circumstances.

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