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Reporter:  Wendy Zamora.

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This timely article from science writer Wendy Zamora can save a lot of grief when it comes to protecting computers in your business, agency, or home.

Cybercrime is growing exponentially this year, with all segments of society being targets for hackers, criminals, and even sovereign states.  It’s no secret that governments such as North Korea, The Peoples Republic of China, and the Russian Federation employ special military cyber units to penetrate and exploit the weaknesses of nations.  The problem has gotten so bad, that the United States has established an official cyber command to confront these challenges.

One of the most effective methods of crippling a computer network is the use of “ransomware” which locks up your files until you pay a fee to release the frozen documents. Even if you pay the fee, there is no guarantee that your computer files will be released, since the hackers have the only code to decrypt your files.

Ms. Zamora discusses the three type of ransomware and how you can best prevent your computer from becoming infected.

Ms. Zamora says the only sure way to protect your computer networks is to use anti-malware and anti-ransomware programs consistently.  You should also backup your files with a USB device or external hard drive which is not connected to your computer.  Another way to add some protection to your network is to avoid suspicious attachments to emails and programs that are insecure.  Also, a little common sense and skepticism exercised online can save a lot of problems later.

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