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“Rough Seas Ahead for the Turkish Economy is republished with permission of Stratfor.”

Source: Rough Seas Ahead for the Turkish Economy | Stratfor (“<a href=””>Rough Seas Ahead for the Turkish Economy</a> is republished with permission of Stratfor.”).

HAWAII INTELLIGENCE DIGEST, 02 November 2016, 21:40 hrs, UTC.  Post #13.

Source:  Stratfor Strategic Intelligence.

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According to a recent study conducted by Stratfor Strategic Intelligence, the Turkish economy is headed for “rough seas.”

Difficult economic times are predicted for the Turkish economy, which, unlike those of China and Russia, which have invested heavily in industry and technology,  has ridden the fragile bubble of speculative foreign investment and consumption.  As long as foreign money was coming in, Turkey could ride out some of the difficult economic  times of the past.

According to the Stratfor study, Turkey imports more than it exports, creating what is called an “account deficit” with foreign banks and investors.

Added to the mix is a growing reluctance by foreign investors to pour more resources into Turkey in light of high profile terrorist attacks in the country, a failed coup attempt in July 2016, and Turkey’s growing role in battling ISIS/ISIL insurgents in northern Iraq.

Unless Turkish leaders can produce more exports and attract more foreign investment, the Turkish consumer is in for a difficult ride.

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