US-backed forces launch Raqqa offensive amid fears of imminent terror attack in Europe | The Independent

A Syrian Kurdish and Arab force backed by US air strikes has launched an offensive against the Islamic State’s de facto Syrian capital at Raqqa aimed at maximising pressure on Isis when it is already under attack in Mosul in Iraq. Anti-Isis forces advanced six miles in the first four hours of the attack, capturing many villages and farms.

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Source: US-backed forces launch Raqqa offensive amid fears of imminent terror attack in Europe | The Independent (

Reporter:  Patrick Cockburn.

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Here’s the latest Battle for Mosul update from reporter Patrick Cockburn who is in the battle area.

According to Cockburn, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have launched an offensive against Raqqa, a city of 320,000 people on the Euphrates River. Cockburn says as many as 30,000 fighters could be involved in the attack.  Among those fighters are at least 2,000 battle-tested Kurdish soldiers leading the attack.

U.S. officers tell “The Independent” that more anti-ISIS/ISIL fighters are entering the combat zone to isolate and secure Raqqa, which serves as an official headquarters and supply center for ISIS/ISIL elements in eastern Syria. The attack comes amid fears that ISIS/ISIL fighters are planning a surprise attack against U.S. and European population centers.  Cockburn says the assault on ISIS/ISIL in Syria and Iraq is “very much orchestrated by the US and depends on US-led airstrikes to destroy ISIS positions.”

Meanwhile, Iraqi Army forces are meeting strong opposition from ISIS/ISIL fighters as the Iraqi offensive enters the city of Mosul.

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