Russia to launch ‘large-scale’ airstrikes on Syria as Americans vote | World news | The Guardian

Cruise missiles and carrier-based warplanes set to hit eastern Aleppo as military indicates ‘hundreds of terrorist targets’ to be destroyed

Source: Russia to launch ‘large-scale’ airstrikes on Syria as Americans vote | World news | The Guardian (

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According to media sources in Moscow, a Russian sea-borne task force will begin offensive operations against Syrian rebels as early as today (08 November 2016) during the U.S. general elections.

“The Guardian” says cruise missiles and carrier-base aircraft will bomb eastern Aleppo, targeting “hundreds of terrorist targets.”  The operation could last between 2 to 3 days depending on bombing results.

A significant Russian task force including the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the battle cruiser Peter the Great, a guided missile frigate, and three submarines will lead the attack.

Analysts believe the offensive will demonstrate Russia’s ability to project military power beyond its borders.  The first crisis for the winner in the U.S.  presidential election is coming fast.  Ms. Clinton, who is favored to win the presidency, will get little time to assess the situation before she assumes office.

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