Trump voters will not like what happens next – The Washington Post

The government is now in Republicans’ hands. Let them deal with Trump.

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Source: Trump voters will not like what happens next – The Washington Post (

Accessed on 09 November 2016, 23:55 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  NPR writer and commentator Garrison Keillor.

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The surprising win by billionaire businessman Donald Trump in the 08 November 2016 presidential election comes as a stunning reminder that polls, surveys, and expert opinions can be wrong.  What was supposed to be a comfortable victory by Hillary Clinton has turned into severe disappointment as Mr. Trump carried key states and Republicans retained their control of both houses in the U.S. Congress.

Perhaps the most vehement criticism of Trump’s victory comes from what NPR commentator and writer Garrison Keillor calls the “liberal elite”–a group Keillor prefers to the blue collar, unemployed American citizen who voted for Trump out of frustration, fear, and concern.

Keillor thoroughly condemns Trump, saying his supporters are “whooping it up for the candidate of cruelty and ignorance (who) does less than nothing for your kids.”  Keillor adds that Mr. Trump “was the cruelest candidate since George Wallace…(winning) on fear and bile.”  Keillor concludes his rant by saying “The past year of politics has taught us absolutely nothing.”

I disagree.  The election has taught us that you can marshall power if you’re willing to base your policies on fear and the promise of certainty.  For many people in our divided country, Mr. Trump offers a way out of unemployment, disagreeable treaties, and the continuing immigration crisis.  The challenge for Mr. Trump is to somehow re-energize our economy and morale without further dividing us.  A tall task, indeed.

When Mr. Trump walks into the Oval Office in January 2017, look for significant changes in our relationship with other nations, particularly The Peoples Republic of China and The Russian Federation.  This could be a dangerous time for all of us, as the United States begins to withdraw from the world stage and other nations fall into the power vacuum left by our absence.  Look for China and Russia to more aggressively pursue their national agendas.  There’s a good chance that international conflict will increase in the years ahead, now that the United States is tiring of being
The World’s Policeman.”

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