Russia Reached Out to Trump, Clinton Camps During Election

Russia said that it talked with the teams of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the U.S. presidential election as part of routine outreach during a campaign.

HAWAII INTELLIGENCE DIGEST, 10 November 2016, 15:50 hrs, UTC, Post #21.

Source: Russia Reached Out to Trump, Clinton Camps During Election (

Accessed on 10 November 2016, 15:50 hrs, UTC.

Reporters”  Ilya Arkhipov, Henry Meyer, Stephan Kravchenko.

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Apparently, the rumors of Russian Federation interference in the U.S. Presidential election are true.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the Russian Federation embassy in the United States discussed various topics with members of the Trump team that “were made on a sufficient, responsible level.”  A Trump spokeswoman said she “was not aware of any meetings by campaign representatives with Russian diplomats.”

Ryabkov said similar overtures towards the Clinton campaign were unsuccessful.

In the past, President-elect Donald Trump had said he wanted better relations with the Russian Federation, which has been at odds with much of U.S. foreign policy, particularly regarding the Middle East crisis.  Trump has also indicated that he wanted to work closely with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin in controlling ISIS/ISIL expansion in Syria. Trump has indicated that he may even “consider recognizing the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea.”

Big policy changes are coming.  Be prepared for the unexpected when Mr. Trump takes the oath of office.

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