Think National Security is complicated? Wait until Trump gets started

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 12 November 2016, 04:20 hrs, UTC, Post #23.

According to an intelligence analysis from “Wired”, the international face of the United States will change drastically once President-elect Donald Trump occupies the Oval office on 20 January 2016.  Our role in the current battle against ISIS/ISIL will change dramatically.  This quote from the “Wired” reports sums up Trump’s position in the Middle East:

“Trump has signaled that he would view the Assad regime as a part of the solution. In an interview with CNN, he pondered “are we better off with Assad?” and in his August speech on ISIS, pledged to find “common ground with Russia,” which is fighting on behalf of the Assad regime and considers the region a bulwark against Islamic extremism. That kind of rhetoric raises the possibility that Trump may end US support to anti-Assad rebels and coordinate with Russia and the Assad regime on a military campaign against ISIS.

As the US takes more territory from the self-styled caliphate, it raises the question of how to prevent ISIS from returning. Liberated cities like Ramadi require billions of dollars in reconstruction. But Trump has said “the era of nation-building will be ended” and it’s unclear what the US might offer to assist in rebuilding and governing cities once held by ISIS.”

Get ready for a rough ride and a possible new alliance with the Russian Federation.

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