Trump election: Baltic state warns of possible Russian move on NATO

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 18 November 2016, 05:10 hrs, UTC, Post #28.

Reporter:  Kevin Connoly (BBC).

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Interesting and somewhat scary report from the Baltic State of Lithuania.

Lithuanian officials are fearful that the Russian Federation will use the U.S. presidential transition period to test NATO resolve in defending the highly vulnerable Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

The BBC report suggests that Baltic states are rightfully suspicious of Russian troop movements near their borders:

“Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius told the BBC simply: “Russia is not a superpower, it’s a super problem.”

“Russia insists it is not a threat, arguing that Nato is responsible for stoking regional tensions by expanding eastwards and moving its military hardware towards Russian borders

Mr Linkevicius said there was a danger that Mr Putin would see the period between now and the inauguration of Donald Trump in January as an opportunity to test the military preparedness and diplomatic determination of the Western alliance.”

“The new administration doesn’t come in until the second part of January,” he said. “I’m very afraid and concerned about this period not just because of the regions which are close to here but let’s hope that Aleppo is not smashed from the ground by then.”

‘We’re not naive’

“Lithuania has noted with alarm that Moscow has been reinforcing and re-equipping its powerful military bases in Kaliningrad.

It is only 25 years since an order was given from Moscow to send in the tanks to crush peaceful protests for independence in Vilnius.”

Lithuanian officials tell BBC reporter Kevin Connolly that Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin may be willing to risk a geopolitical gamble to test the resolve of President-elect Trump to fulfill treaty obligations under the NATO agreement.

Exciting and dangerous times lie ahead.

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