Russian air strikes kill nearly 300 people in Aleppo

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 20 November 2016, 23:55 hrs, UTC, Post #32.

Accessed on 20 November 2016, 23:55 hrs, UTC.

Reporters:  Angela Dwan, Steve Visser, Kareem Khadder, and Marieme Arif (CNN).

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For the sixth straight day, Russian ground attack aircraft have hit Syrian resistance forces in east Aleppo, killing an estimated 300 people.  The air campaign is designed to “soften up” Syria‘s second largest city for a possible invasion by forces loyal to Syrian President Assad.

According to CNN reporters in the Aleppo area, the city is being torn apart block by block, with the intent of destroying rebel hideouts and the cutting off of all supply routes to the besieged city.

‘Aleppo is a Holocaust

“Syria’s grinding five-year conflict has devastated Aleppo, divided between government-controlled areas in the west and rebel positions in the east.
A White Helmets volunteer carries an injured man to safety on Saturday following an airstrike in eastern Aleppo.

The regime, backed by Russian air power, has decimated much of eastern Aleppo with aerial bombardments in recent months, and analysts have said the intensified air raids are a sign the regime may be planning a ground offensive to wrest control of the area.
A government siege on eastern Aleppo since July has essentially cut the area off from the rest of the world — a stranglehold tactic that the Syrian regime is infamous for.
Today, eastern Aleppo is desperately short of food, medicine and fuel supplies, while the roads are full of rubble from destroyed buildings. The sound of bombings and news of children dying are the norm.
“Inside the city of Aleppo is a Holocaust,” an Aleppo resident, who describes himself as an independent media activist, told CNN.”
The worst for Aleppo is yet to come, as Syrian ground forces prepare to enter the city.
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