A Look at what’s left of Mosul, Iraq

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 21 November 2016, 20:35 hrs, UTC, Post #33.  Here’s the latest intelligence analysis of the Battle for Mosul from Stratfor Strategic Intelligence. (https://www.strafor.com/analysis/look-whats-left-mosul?utm).  A quick look at these surveillance images taken over the besieged city of Mosul in northern Iraq shows extensive damage to the inner core of the city and its infrastructure.  According to Stratfor analysts, “Not only have coalition airstrikes aimed at militants caused damage, but The Islamic State itself has targeted mosques, archaeological sites and government buildings during its more than two-year reign over the city.”  Intelligence analysts further comment by saying much of the destruction “was caused by relentless coalition airstrikes on Islamic State positions and facilities ahead of the ongoing offensive to recapture the city.” If Iraqi forces manage to dislodge ISIS/ISIL fighters, the city will face a massive rebuilding effort that could take years.  The social, religious, and cultural losses will be extensive.

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