United State prepares for potential space wars

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 30 November 2016, 06:45 hrs, UTC, Post #41.


Accessed on 30 November 2016, 06:45 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Joshua Rhett Miller.

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The United States is preparing for the next phase of space wars by increasing its surveillance of adversaries near and far. Both China and the Russian Federation have demonstrated their ability to destroy orbiting satellites–key links in our early warning system against ballistic land and sea-launched missiles.

In an interview with CNN, General John Hyten, who heads the U.S. Strategic Command, says the country is not prepared to meet the challenge of near space warfare and fears our main adversaries, The Russian Federation and China, will be able to render our satellite warning systems inert by either destroying satellites or pushing them into unstable orbits.


“Russia and China are America’s chief adversaries in the final frontier, where Russia has already deployed what could be kamikaze satellites called “Kosmos 2499,” designed to approach US satellites and destroy them if necessary. CNN reported that China has also already launched “Shiyan” satellites, which are equipped with a grappling arm that could pluck satellites directly from their orbit. The Shiyan-7 satellite was among a set of “three mysterious” satellites launched by China in 2013, Space.com reported.

Hyten told CNN that the technology is among a new generation of weaponry that will soon be able to threaten US satellites in all orbital regimes, including just 100 miles up in near Earth orbit — home to the International Space Station — and geostationary orbit, which starts about 22,000 miles above sea level.”

General Hyten feels the U.S. Space Command is underfunded and under staffed–something that could severely weaken our ability to detect and destroy ballistic missile on route to U.S. targets.

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