How to find out if your Google Account has been hacked

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 01 December 2016, 19:25 hrs, UTC, Post #43.

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Reporter:  Matt Elinet (CNET).

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According to CNET reporter Matt Elinet, the “Google Malware” program is spreading.  This malicious code now affects at least one million Android devices, with more than 13,000 Android programs becoming infected each day.

The malware is spread by third-party apps and “malicious links” in attached phishing messages. Among the infected programs are Google Play, Gmail, Google Photo, Google Docs, G Suite, and Google Drive.

To see if your Android device is infected, first check your account at the check point.  If your device is contaminated by the malware, a popup notice will be displayed.

If your Android device is infected, reporter Matt Ellinet recommends this step:

“If your account has been breached, you will need to wipe your Android device and perform a clean installation. Afterward, you will need to change the password for your Google account used with the device.”

If you leave your Android device unattended, you run the risk of losing your personal and business data, which can be sold to cyber criminals.

Don’t delay.  Check you Android devices now!

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