5 Things you should never post on Facebook

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 05 December 2016, 15:20 hrs, UTC, Post #45.

Accessed on 05 December 2016, 15:20 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Andy O’Donnell.


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A shockingly frank assessment of how cyber warfare exploits security weaknesses on social media and threatens your identity, family, and business.

Most of us are aware that national actors, rogue states, and extremists of every religious and political stripe are penetrating our economic, military, and government web services.

Reporter Andy O’Donnell takes the awareness one step further by saying our trust in social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is misplaced because these media have been severely compromised in the past, particularly when it comes to gleaning data about your family and business.  The avenue to blackmail, social humiliation, cyber bullying, and emotional stress is laid bare by our naive faith in public social media, which have a poor security record.

O’Donnell says Facebook is particularly vulnerable to hackers and sociopaths.

O’Donnell recommends five ways you can protect you and your family from intrusions online:

Don’t  publicize you or your family pictures online.

Don’t reveal your relationship status with others.

Don’t reveal your sexual or marital preferences.

Don’t reveal you are home alone.

Don’t release pictures of your children tagged with their names.


Having been a victim of identity theft, I know exactly how sociopaths and cyber criminals can ruin your life. Members of my family don’t use social media very much–it’s just too dangerous. I keep in contact with my siblings through encrypted websites and blogs. We change passwords frequently and use double authentication whenever possible.  These methods aren’t foolproof, but they do reduce our exposure to people with marginal ethics.

Reporter Andy O’Donnell leaves us with this thought:

“The best rule of thumb is not to put anything in your profile or status that you wouldn’t want a stranger to know. You may have the most stringent privacy settings possible, but if your friend’s account gets compromised than those settings go out the window.”

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