U.S. Congress to investigate alleged Russian attempts to ensure Trump victory.

Hawaii Island Intelligence Digest, 14 December 2016, 17:45 hrs, UTC, Post #49.


Accessed on 14 December 2016, 17:45 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Ken Bredemeir (VOA).

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Two congressional probes into alleged Russian cyberattacks to sway the outcome of the November 2016 general election may cause President-elect Donald Trump considerable discomfort.  Earlier, Mr. Trump denied a CIA report of reported Russian cyber interference in the election, calling such charges “ridiculous.”

According to reporter Ken Bredemier, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and House Speaker Paul Ryan said “The Russians are not our friends” and endorsed a bipartisan effort by the intelligence committees of both houses to resolve the sticky political issue.

Bredemeir adds that reaction from the Hillary Clinton Campaign has been muted and relatively low key.

“Trump’s election opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, has been silent about the Russian hacking allegations. But her campaign manager, John Podesta, on Monday demanded that the administration of President Barack Obama declassify and release all the information it has about Russia meddling in the election.

Clinton won the national popular vote against Trump but lost where it mattered, in the state-by-state contests that decide U.S. presidential elections. Podesta called for release of the intelligence data before electors in the Electoral College vote to formally ratify Trump’s victory on December 19.”


While the congressional probes are good political theatre, this mutual spying and disinformation campaign by the Russian Federation is nothing new. Russian cyber warfare teams have been meddling in European election campaigns for  years, and they appear ready to influence the outcome of German elections.  Similar efforts against our economic, military, and social institutions by China, North Korea, and Iran have been ongoing for several years.  No one should be surprised by this.  Mr. Trump ignores the advice of our national intelligence agencies at his and our peril.

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