A former Defense Secretary reveals the U.S. military’s biggest weakness.

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 15 December 2016, 09:35 hrs, UTC, Post #50.


Accessed on 15 December 2016, 09:35 hrs, UTC.

Reporters:  Graham Flanagan and Amanda Macias (businessinsider.com).

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Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates, who served under Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, offers a direct and chilling  analysis of our growing inability to meet our military obligations around the world.

In this interview with http://www.businessinsider.com, Dr. Gates says the process of “Sequestration” is weakening our ability to respond to military threats around the world.  That budget process involves immediate and indiscriminate budget cuts that impact every facet of military operations.

In Gate’s view, sequestration is a disaster for the military because of its “lack of predictability in terms of resources” and its failure “to take into account the quality  of what is defunded.”


Of course, not everyone agrees with Dr. Gates.  According to Jeremy Herb of “Politico”, sequestration “is more of a bogeyman being used by the military to scare Congress into appropriating more funds to the military.”

Only history will judge whether Dr. Gates is correct. The incoming Trump administration will soon feel what budget cuts are doing to our military posture as currently funded programs are stretched to the limit to meet expanding international crises.  The day is coming when the “protective umbrella” of the U.S. military will no longer be available to those who seek it. Our role as the unofficial “world policeman” is coming to an end.  Look for China and the Russian Federation to fill the power vacuum being created by the United States.  Difficult times are ahead.

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