India successfully fires Agni-V ICBM.

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 27 December 2016, 15:05 hrs, UTC, Post #63.


Reporter:  Anjana Pasricha (VOA).

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Accessed on 27 December 2016, 15:05 hrs, UTC.


According to VOA reporter Anjana Pasricha, Indian military personnel fired the 17.5 meter-long, 50 ton surface-to-surface missile on Monday, 26 December 2016 from a mobile platform on Abdul Kalam Island. The ICBM splashed down in waters near Australia.

This is the fourth successful test of the Agni-V, which has a range of more than 5,000 kilometers, “effectively putting China‘s northern most areas within range of India‘s nuclear weapons.”

Reporter Anjan Pasricha says the test puts China and Pakistan, both adversaries in past border conflicts, on notice that India has the ability to retaliate with force if necessary:

“Defense analysts say the longer-range Agni-V missile has been developed with an eye on China, which New Delhi also views as a threat.

India and China fought a brief war in 1962 and have an unresolved boundary dispute in the Himalayas. New Delhi also remains wary of China’s close ties with Islamabad and bid to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean.

The Agni missile adds considerable heft to India’s nuclear capability and its aspirations to be viewed as a regional power. Only China, France, Russia the United States and Britain have long-range nuclear weapons.

Scientists said the latest missile incorporates new technology for navigation and guidance.”


The successful test of this highly mobile ICBM by India’s military raises new concerns for China, which, until this year, was largely worried about U.S. interference in China’s expansionist plans in Southeast Asia. With India flexing more of its strategic muscle, China has two major worries–U.S. presence in Asia and India’s growing nuclear threat.

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