How the “Internet of Things” might be a cybersecurity nightmare.

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 29 December 2016, 16:55 hrs, UTC, Post #65.


Please click link to view this short, intriguing video produced by Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.


The year 2016 is turning into a banner year for cybersecurity issues.  A day doesn’t go by without some mention of ransomware, malware, hackers, and state-supported cyber warfare teams penetrating the deepest areas of a nation’s economic and military infrastructure.

This short video highlights some of the major cybersecurity concerns voiced by intelligence agencies, corporations, and the military.

A prime target of these increasing attacks is business, mobile, and home automation systems under the general label of the “Internet of Things.”  While Artificial Intelligence is a great tool for automating business procedures, managing the digital devices in your home, or even guiding self-driving vehicles, AI is particularly susceptible to “jamming”, interference, and compromise by hackers–both criminal and state-supported.


This short, important video is a call to action to protect the quickly evolving state of automation in our digital age.  If our digital devices aren’t protected by strong security protocols, they can be compromised to the point where human life is endangered.  Recent media stories about the shut down of the San Francisco subway system (BART) and several hospitals have heightened the awareness of this malicious, dangerous trend by those who care little about those they harm.

If you decide to add more artificial intelligence and automation to your home or business, please consider how well the devices are protected from intrusion.  If you have doubts about the security of these devices, don’t buy them.  At the same time, you may want to check the security of your personal and business computers, laptops, and smartphones.  Some recent Android phones made in mainland China have embedded codes that let Chinese companies track your personal calls and data transfers.  Never assume you are free of the hacker menace. The cyber war has already begun, and your data may be the target.

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