France hints at plan for a “long military stay in Chad.”

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 31 December 2016, 23:10 hrs, UTC, Post #69.


Original story aired by Iran Press TV.

Accessed on 31 December 2016, 23:10 hrs, UTC.

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While our attention is being drawn to the bloody conflict in Syria and Northern Iraq, another security threat is bubbling up in the sub-Saharan nation of Chad.

According to Iran Press TV, French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told French forces in the former French colony to “prepare for a long war” against regional militants.  France has vowed to help its former African colony resists militants seeking control of that nation’s rich reserves of precious metals and oil.

Iranian sources say that France has approximately 4,000 military personnel in Chad “in a declared mission to fight militancy in coordination with the United States.”

Iran Press TV claims that “Operation Barkhane” is really a cover up for more U.S. involvement in Africa.

“The so-called Operation Barkhane, which commenced in 2014, aims to combat militant groups across huge swathes of desert land in the Sahel region south of the Sahara Desert. French troops use drones, equipped with cameras and night vision equipment, for reconnaissance flights across the deserts in Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Chad.

Chad is a key Western ally in the region. It became a French colony in 1900 and, despite gaining independence in 1960, remains a close partner of Paris. In the 1970s and 80s, French troops led a crackdown against the Chadian National Liberation Front, or Frolinat, seeking autonomy in the Muslim-dominated north of the country.

Under the pretext of fighting an upsurge in militancy and concerns over global security, France and the US have recently expanded their foothold in the African country.

Chad is rich in gold, uranium and more recently oil. In 2003, a four-billion-dollar pipeline linked its oilfields to terminals on the Atlantic coast for export to Western countries.”


While other international hotspots get more media attention than this story from an impoverished African country, the ongoing strife in Chad threatens to “go center stage” shortly.  At stake are resources of uranium, oil, and gold.  Additional U.S. involvement in sub-Saharan Africa worries Iran, which has designs of its own in the region.

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