Trump discusses Russia’s hacking with intelligence officials

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According to the Voice of America (VOA), President-elect Donald Trump met with U.S. Intelligence officials to discuss the alleged Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) computers before and during the November 2016 general election.

Trump said the review of intelligence findings were “constructive”, but he didn’t endorse the idea that Russian cyber warfare units compromised DNC computers and benefited his campaign.  Trump added that other countries, such as China, have gained access to our national data over the past years, and it would be wrong to assume that Russia was entirely responsible for the current compromise of election records.

Despite Mr. Trump’s doubts about Russian hacking efforts, the intelligence community remained firm in its analysis of the issue:

“On Thursday, America’s top intelligence officials testified the evidence is firm that Russia interfered with the November presidential election, but they say there is no way to tell if it helped Trump win.

“The Russians have a long history of interfering in elections, theirs and other people’s,” National Intelligence Director James Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “But we have never encountered such a direct campaign to interfere with the election process as we have seen in this case.”

Clapper told the senators that Russia undertook a “multifaceted campaign” that included not just hacking and leaking Democratic Party emails, but also “classical propaganda, misinformation, fake news.”

“Clapper said he cannot know for sure if the Russian leaks of sensitive information influenced the choices voters made on November 8. He did say Russia did not interfere with the vote counting or the final result.”

“Trump has made no secret of his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin.”


Whether Russia or anyone else hacked DNC computers, one fact remains clear:  Efforts to protect information about our economic, political, and military infrastructure are falling far short of what is needed to protect the country.  The national leadership must make security and data protection a top priority. We are late arrivals to the current geopolitical table.  The security problem won’t be solved overnight, but getting people educated and trained on basic security procedures will surely help mitigate future damage to our infrastructure.

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