5 Places You Won’t Want To Travel in 2017.

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 13 January 2017, 21:10 hrs, UTC, Post #83.



Author:  Travel Insurance and Safety Expert Joe Cortez.

Accessed on 13 January 2017, 21:10 hrs, UTC.

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A sober, cautious appraisal of five once popular visitor destinations that should be avoided this year.  According to travel insurance and safety expert Joe Cortez, not all of our business and vacation trips will deliver the excitement promised in the travel brochures. Some destinations will be downright dangerous and perhaps even deadly.

Here are Joe’s places to avoid:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–lots of heavy construction and noise. May not be a peaceful place for long, considering its proximity to the Syrian Civil War and other regional conflicts.

Miami Beach, Florida–a definite Zika virus threat according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Also, Miami’s crime rate has increased substantially over the past few years.

New Delhi, IndiaCNN calls this city the most polluted city on Earth in 2016.

Ibiza, Spain–a very nice place, except for the crowds and the proliferation of pickpockets.  You may come home with fewer possessions after a visit to this Spanish resort region.

Low-Earth orbit and outer space–much too dangerous and expensive to risk on one trip, with the average cost of a short flight being around $250,000.


Before you depart for any foreign travel, please consult the travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State and the travel restrictions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Please don’t travel alone.  Always let someone back home know your itinerary and where you’ll be staying.  Try to blend in with local residents and be aware of local customs.  Always prepare ahead of time and have a backup plan if you get stranded.

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