Trump’s Inauguration Inspires Hope of New Nationalist Era.

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 22 January 2017, 23:30 hrs, UTC, Post #90.

Accessed on 22 January 2017, 23:30 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Shaun Walker (“The Guardian”).

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A triptych of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, French nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen, and U.S. President Donald Trump was a big attraction at Maria Katsonova’s inauguration party in Moscow.  While the painting scares many in Western Europe and the United States, Moscovites are elated that friendly gestures toward Russia by the new U.S. President may boost Kremlin economic and political fortunes in Europe and throughout the world.

The enthusiasm for Trump’s unexpected victory showed itself in a new Russian language biography of Trump called “Black Swan” and by an unprecedented live debate on an Orthodox Christian religious television station.

In the United States, debate continues whether Russian cyber warfare teams hacked political websites and indirectly influenced the November 2016 general elections.  Such claims have been denied by Mr. Trump and the Russian Federation as “unsubstantiated.”

Russian officials have made no secret of their admiration for  Mr. Trump and his rhetoric for encouraging Russian and American cooperation on solving the world’s most pressing problems.

According to “The Guardian” reporter Shaun Walker, Russian officials have left little doubt about their feelings toward outgoing President Barack Obama, saying “Obama is regarded in Russia as the face of a meddling America bent on world domination.”  Russian television has blamed Mr. Obama and the Department of State “as the progenitors of unrest in Ukraine, and the image of a rapacious White House was a key element of Kremlin propaganda to show Putin as a brave leader fighting off external threats.”

Maria Katasonov, who sponsored the popular painting, told “The Guardian” that Trump’s bombastic style “will actually mean that other countries are able to shine…in a multipolar world, America will be great again, but also Russia can be great again and France can be great again.”


The real winner in all of this hoopla and celebrating is Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, who gains economic and political leverage without a shot being fired.  Right-wing Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin believes that if Mr. Putin “plays nice with Trump”, Russia will “win long-desired concessions in Europe and across the world.”

Dugin’s remarks are a cautionary tale for Mr. Trump and all others who seek cooperation from Europe’s eastern most nation:  “We don’t have to do anything:  we just have to not annoy Trump, not make him angry or provoke him with belligerent rhetoric, and everything will fall into our hands, like apples in the autumn.  You don’t even need to shake the tree; they just come tumbling down on their own.”  Therein lies the crux of the matter.  Be careful what you wish for.  In Russia’s case, Christmas has come very early this year.

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