Trump’s inauguration inspires Russian hopes of new nationalist era.

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 22 January 2017, 23:10 hrs, UTC, Post #90.


Reporter:  Shaun Walker (“The Guardian”).

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A triptych of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, French nationalist Marine Le Pen, and U.S. President Donald Trump was the center of attraction at Maria Katasonova’s Trump inauguration party in Moscow.

While much of Western Europe and the United States remains “terrified” by the unexpected presidency of Donald Trump, Russian seem elated by the upset victory by the billionaire U.S. businessman and investment tycoon.  Katasonova believes the Trump win and the growing nationalist fervor in many European countries will help the Russian Federation gain political respect and economic influence in Europe and around the globe.

The inaugural hoopla in Moscow was a big deal with the release of a new Russian biography of Trump called “Black Swan” and a free-ranging live debate on an Orthodox Christian television station.

Russian leaders have made no secret of their admiration of Mr. Trump, especially his favorable remarks about Russia and its possible new role in European affairs.

According to “The Guardian” reporter Shaun Walker, Moscow has put its usual spin on the post election celebrations:

“Russian officials – from Putin down – have made little secret of their admiration for Trump and his rhetoric, and some of the new president’s words about Russia and the US coming together to solve the world’s problems mirror what Putin has been dreaming of for years.

While in much of the world, Barack Obama had a reputation as a president who was cautious on US interventions abroad, notably with his row-back from the infamous “red line” on Syria, Obama is regarded in Russia as the face of a meddling America bent on world domination.”

Walker adds that Trump’s disparaging remarks about NATO and insistence on “America First” will mean “Russia is able to regain ‘a sphere of influence’ in Europe.”


Regaining “a sphere of influence” in Europe and the rest of the world has been a keynote of Vladimir Putin’s plan for the Russian Federation.  Apparently, with the inauguration of Donald Trump and a possible victory by French nationalist Marine Le Pen, Putin feels he can relax with these leaders and seek economic and political concessions in Europe and throughout the world.

Perhaps the inauguration of Donald Trump has a deeper meaning from the geopolitical and strategic point of view.  Alexander Dugin, a nationalist Russian philosopher, expressed it best when he said, “We don’t have to do anything:  we just have to not annoy Trump, not make him angry or provoke him with belligerent rhetoric, and everything will fall into our hands, like apples in the autumn.  You don’t even need to shake the tree; they just come tumbling down on theirr own.”

Be careful what you wish for.

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