Trump’s Pox Americana

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 28 January 2017, 06:15 hrs, UTC, Post #95.


Reporter:  David Rothkoph (CEO and Editor of “Foreign Policy” Magazine).

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According to “Foreign Policy” Magazine editor David Rothkoph, U.S. President Donald Trump has declared “an unprecedented retreat for the United States as a world leader.”  Rothkoph adds that Mr. Trump’s foreign policy statements have attacked the core of philosophies and practices that have guided the U.S. since the end of World War II.

Rothkoph believes Mr. Trump’s foreign policy initiatives are “mean spirited, ill-conceived, and short sighted.”

Rothkoph says the foreign policy of the new administration

is a dramatic and perhaps dangerous shift away from international relations in favor of protectionism and isolationism.

Specifically, Rothkoph contends that Mr. Trump has rejected old, trusted allies for an uncertain relationship with the Russian Federation. In addition, Trump’s rejection of the “One China Policy” ruins a nearly 50-year diplomatic and economic relationship with the Peoples Republic of China. Added to the mix is Mr. Trump’s withering criticism of journalists, calling them “the most dishonest people on Earth.”

Mr. Rothkoph adds this final comment:

“Perhaps once he has more of his government in place, he may solicit, get, and perhaps even heed better advice than he seems to be receiving from his “gang of five” or his own “very good brain.” But there is no question that significant damage has already been done. Further, should it emerge that he has the ability and the inclination to institutionalize the changes he has put in place, it is undoubtedly true that by the time he leaves office, America’s standing will have fallen greatly. Make no mistake: By then, other countries will have stepped in to fill the void left by the United States, and it will take many, many years to undo the consequences of electing this impulsive, values-challenged, foreign-policy neophyte as president.”

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