Right-Wing Christians plot takeover of U.S. Government.

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Accessed on 29 January 2017, 02:50 hrs. UTC.

Author:  Kieryn Darkwater (transgender former evangelical “Christofascist” who grew up in the Quiverful religious movement).

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I usually don’t pay much attention to extremist religious or conspiratorial theorists.  But, in the case of this article by former evangelical advocate Kieryn Darkwater, I may broaden my perspective on what the future holds for the United States after the unexpected presidential victory by billionaire businessman Donald Trump and his evangelical running mate, Mike Pence.

Darkwater, who grew up in the “Quiverful” religious movement, says ultra-conservative religious philosophies are beginning to have a negative impact on the well-being of the nation.  Darkwater contends that religious zealots in the United States have been plotting to take over the U.S. government for the last five decades.  And, with the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, arch conservatives “have fully set up the tragedy (that’s) playing out right now.”

According to Darkwater, the election of Mr. Trump was part of an overall plan to advance the agenda of his running mate, Mike Pence. The long range purpose of the plan is to resolve the so-called “culture wars” by pushing an ultra-right-wing social, economic, and political agenda into the very seat of power in Washington.

Darkwater says the ultimate aim of the ultra conservative religious movement is to promote a worldview that “means anything or anyone that doesn’t align with this very specific view of Christianity must not be allowed to continue.”

Darkwater fears the supporters of Mike Pence will work through the easily influenced Donald Trump to amend the U.S. Constitution “to legalize discrimination against women, people of color and LGBT.”  The method to bring about this constitutional change will be the “infiltration” of government at the highest level.

Darkwater feels Mr. Trump can be easily manipulated and “will change his mind if it makes him feel more powerful…”  Darkwater feels the right has given Mr. Trump fame and power, and “he will do whatever they want to do in order to keep it.”


As I said earlier, I don’t subscribe to conspiratorial theories, but, this case described by one who was an integral part of a right-wing, religiously conservative movement, may have some validity.  The changes already advanced by the new administration have alienated former allies and gratified traditional adversaries.  What lies ahead is unknown.  The next four years will be challenging and frustrating for the United States as it retreats voluntarily from the international stage. Look for our adversaries, such as The Russian Federation, The Peoples Republic of China, and Iran, to take advantage of our perceived weakness.

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