French President blasts Trump at EU Summit

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Reporter:  Daniel Boffey (“The Guardian“).

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U.S. President Donald Trump is persona non grata at the EU Summit Meeting in Malta.  Reaction to Mr. Trump’s immigration and refugee policies has been swift and sure.  French President Francois Hollande said recent remarks from Mr. Trump are “unaccepable” and warned “there will be no future for Europe’s relation with the U.S. if this future isn’t defined in common.”  Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern added that Mr. Trump’s ban on travelers from some Muslim-majority countries was “highly problematic.”  Many of the nations attending the Malta meeting are refusing to accept the U.S delegate to the European Union because of Mr. Trump’s draconian solution to the growing refugee and immigration issue.

“The Guardian” reporter Daniel Boffey filed this report from Malta:

“Hollande was scornful of Trump’s first days in the Oval office, and warned him to stay out of the EU’s internal affairs. “It cannot be accepted that there is, through a certain number of statements by the president of the United States, pressure on what Europe ought to be or what it should not be,” he said.

On Thursday the Guardian revealed that leaders of the parties in the European parliament were seeking to block the expected appointment of Ted Malloch as the US ambassador to the EU following his claim that he intended to “tame” the union.

Asked what he thought of EU leaders, like those of Hungary and Poland, who were leaning towards Trump, Hollande said: “Those who want to forge bilateral ties with the US are of course well understood by the public.

“But they must understand that there is no future with Trump if it is not a common position. What matters is solidarity at the EU level. We must not imagine some sort of external protection. It exists through the Atlantic alliance, but it cannot be the only possible route, because who knows what the US president really wants, particularly in relation to the Atlantic alliance and burden-sharing?”


In a matter of a few days, Mr. Trump has managed to drive a diplomatic wedge between the United States and the European Union.  Almost 70 years of cooperation with Europe have been damaged by a few off-the-cuff remarks and “tweets” from the new U.S. President. There is growing suspicion that some kind of “deal” is being arranged between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin of The Russian Federation to readjust the political face of Europe in exchange for Russian cooperation in suppressing ISIL/ISIS forces in the Middle East.  Some European leaders fear that Mr. Trump’s disparaging remarks about NATO and the EU will weaken a united stand against Russian expansion in Eastern Europe.  All of this public disunity may play well in Moscow, which has been trying to remove U.S. sanctions and increase its economic leverage in Europe and the Middle East.  No one knows for sure if such a “deal” has been made, and EU nations are feeling nervous about a possible “end-run” by Mr. Trump in the name of ending the Syrian Civil War. Disunity, mutual suspicion, and misinformation may be important elements in Mr. Putin’s goal of restoring historic Russian borders and gaining more influence over European affairs.  Mr. Trump’s preference for protectionism and isolationism may be just what Mr. Putin needs to make Russia a dominant player in Europe. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s poor grasp of history will hurt the United States, Europe, and those fleeing oppression.  It will take years for the United States to repair the diplomatic damage done in just a few days.

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