Update on the Battle for Mosul

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It’s been awhile since we last reviewed the long campaign to recapture the key Northern Iraqi city of Mosul.  Iraqi government police, army units, and special forces have taken most of the eastern half of Mosul, with ISIS/ISIL forces still controlling most of the city’s western areas.

In this podcast from Stratfor Strategic Intelligence, we get the latest update on the Battle for Mosul.  Stratfor Senior Military Analyst Omar Lamrani, Senior Analyst Jim Tack, and Middle East and North Africa Analyst Emily Hawthorne discuss “the fight ahead and most importantly, the geopolitical challenges that will follow.”

In part two of this podcast, Stratfor’s Faisel Pervaiz and Strategic Analyst Roger Baker discuss how geopolitical analysis can help businesses succeed both in peacetime and in times of conflict.

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