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Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 14 February 2017, 00:50 hrs, UTC, Post #112.


Author:  Editorial Board of “The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.”

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The Editorial Board of “The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette” calls for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces operating in Yemen, one of the poorest countries on the Arabian Peninsula.

According to the newspaper, the demand to leave the country comes on the heels of the “disastrous” Special Forces raid of 29 January 2017, where adults and children were killed during a drone and ground assault targeting one of the rebel groups operating in the country.  That raid, coupled with years of U.S. bombing, drone attacks, and other military operations has left much of Yemen facing starvation.  Up to 12 million people of Yemen are now without food or other necessities of life.

Yemen President Abdu Rabbu Monsour has demanded “no further attacks and ground operations in Yemen.”

The newspaper’s editorial board says now is the time to leave this war, while we still have a chance to escape further involvement in this seemingly endless conflict:

“Here is a chance for Mr. Trump’s new national security team to save some money and stop perpetuating America’s participation in what are atrocities in humanitarian terms by ending U.S. military activities in Yemen, as its government has requested. This could include the expensive bombing which has the United States knee-deep in an intra-Islamic struggle between Sunnis and Shiites, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Osprey aircraft lost in the most recent raid alone cost $71 million.

Let the Yemenis, Saudis and Emiratis fight it out if they feel the need to. America should not be involved.”


Perhaps, it’s time to reexamine our participation in the religious wars gripping the Middle East. I get the uneasy feeling that our country is slipping down the slope of an endless war, which could be as devastating to our economy and resources as the Vietnam conflict was back in the 1960s and 1970s.  If we are pledged to secure our nation from terrorists, let us turn more of our attention to finding, tracking, and capturing terrorists who have established themselves within our country.  We should also prepare for the cessation of oil exports from the Middle East if the conflict continues for the years ahead. The nation should be thinking of food and energy independence.  We have no business trying so resolve “an intra-Islamic struggle between Sunnis and Shiites, Saudi Arabia and Iran.”

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