Republicans bring “war on terror” home

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Author:  Arun Gupta (“Raw Story).

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“Raw Story” political correspondent Arun Gupta offers a cautionary tale about the future of the United States and the world under the influence of U.S. President Donald Trump.  In Gupta’s view, Donald Trump is employing the same “shock and awe” tactics that U.S. military commanders used in March 2003 to subdue the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.  Only this time, the “disorder by design” is “weaponizing chaos” in the United States.  Gupta feels the goal of Mr. Trump’s tweets, rants, and unsubstantiated claims is to create artificial enemies, divide opposition at home, and sow discord where there was once agreement.  Gupta believes Mr. Trump’s goals are similar to the Iraqi military campaign of 14 years ago–namely “consolidating rule and radically reshaping society.”

Mr. Gupta says time is running out for the United States to correct this grievous error of political judgement:

“Trump and the right are using the chaos they have instigated to broaden their attacks and consolidate their power. It’s like how the U.S. occupation created the conditions for Al Qaeda and ISIS to take root in Iraq, and then point to the blowback as reason for it to continue the war.”

“Demagoguery is not subtle. It is emotion-driven scapegoating that requires a constant stream of enemies. Trump will retain the upper hand as long as the chaos he creates dominates the political process. His need for enemies and his penchant for bombast could trigger a hot war in the Middle East or with North Korea.”

“But Trump and the forces behind him are not invulnerable. The Pentagon outmaneuvered the Iraqi resistance by playing one side against another and provoking them to alienate supporters with destructive tactics. The lesson is to build a unified resistance that defends all of those directly targeted by Trump: Muslims, refugees, undocumented immigrants, and transgendered people for starters. It also needs to have a vision of what it stands for, beyond mere opposition.”


People in the United States have a tendency to underestimate Mr. Trump. He acts on what he believes, even if that snap decision undoes 75 years of diplomacy, creates civil unrest, and endangers our social institutions.  As long as the country remains divided, Mr. Trump will remain a driving force in U.S. politics. As Mr. Gupta says, “build(ing) a unified resistance…need(s) to have a vision of what it stands for, beyond mere opposition.” So far that kind of resistance is missing. Mr. Gupta warns that the U.S. risks becoming a failed state like Iraq if Mr. Trump continues to dominate national politics.

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