French Elections, Future of the Eurozone & Russian Influence

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 15 March 2017, 21:40 hrs, UTC, Post # 142.


Accessed on 15 March 2017, 21:40 hrs, UTC.

Reporters:  Lauren Goodrich, Mark Fleming-Williams, Ken Maranian (STRATFOR).

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Here’s episode 26 of Stratfor’s podcast,  featuring in-depth discussions and analysis of international events, security issues, and economic, military, and political topics.  This episode focuses on the upcoming French elections, economic problems in the Eurozone, and the growing influence of The Russian Federation in European Union affairs.

Here’s a brief description of the podcast agenda from Stratfor:

“With the fate of Europe’s common currency and the potential for another referendum on EU membership in the balance, France prepares to hold its highly contested general election. Stratfor Senior Europe Analyst Adriano Bosoni joins the podcast to explore the underlying forces at play in the French elections and what they could mean for Europe’s economic future.

Then Stratfor Senior Eurasia Analyst Lauren Goodrich and Europe Analyst Mark Fleming-Williams dissect Russian efforts to influence the outcome of elections in general and the upcoming French election in particular. We’ll also look at how the French are responding.

And Stratfor Chief Product Officer Ken Maranian comes by with a preview of what we can expect when the next generation Stratfor experience is unveiled this Spring.

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This podcast is one of the better discussions covering the future of the European Union and its contentious relationship with The Russian Federation.  Stratfor is one of the most respected private, non-government intelligence gathering companies.  The analysis is objective, concise, and accurate.  When I was working in the commercial broadcast business as a news director, I found Stratfor a valuable resource for my on-air editorials and interviews.

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