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The Balkans have been a historic battleground between Europe and Russia for centuries.  Now, it appears The Russian Federation wants to add some more geopolitical “heat” to the mix.  In this intelligence briefing from Stratfor Intelligence, we learn why Russia wants to create instability in the region and how Russia’s intelligence services are working to that end.

According to Stratfor Intelligence, three factors are in play in the region:

Russia will try to exploit divisions in the Balkans to gain leverage with the rest of Europe.

Russian influence will continue to spread in some of the more “turbulent” areas, such as Serbia, Northern Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

By creating unneeded tensions in the region, Moscow will create a series of international crises beyond our ability to contain them.


The Russian Federation is seeking to spread its influence over the volatile Balkan region in an attempt to embarrass NATO, exploit European Union disagreements, and take advantage of centuries-old animosities which have keep the Balkans disunified.  With the Trump administration seemingly unwilling to fund many of NATO’s operations, Russia may see this as an opening to exert its economic, political, and military power in the region. The only “winner” in this region will be The Russian Federation, which has little direct investment in the area.  European disunity and U.S. reluctance to do much in Eastern Europe, other than show largely symbolic troop movements, fits nicely into Vladimir Putin’s game plan.

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