At least 10 are dead in St. Petersburg metro explosion

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 04 April 2017, 03:20 hrs, UTC, Post #160.


Reporters:  Tim Lister, Emma Burroughs, and Angela Devan (CNN).

Accessed on 04 April 2017, 03:20 hrs, UTC.

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After a few years of relative calm in the Russian Federation, an alleged terror attack at a metro station in St. Petersburg, Russia has claimed at least 10 lives and left more than 50 injured.  The explosion occurred on Monday, 03 April 2017 as the metro train was traveling in a tunnel from the Sennaya Ploshchad Tekhnologichesky Institut station to the inner city.  According to Russian media, the TNT explosive was contained in a fire extinguisher. A similar device was found at another metro station and disarmed. Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin said “all causes were being investigated, including terrorism.”  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the explosion in St. Petersburg a “terrorist act.”

United States President Donald Trump phoned Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and extended his deepest sympathies to the country, its citizens, and families of the victims.


It appears no country in Europe is safe from these death merchants.  Now, it’s Russia’s turn to endure the suffering experienced by the UK, France, Turkey, and Germany.  While Russia has been attacked by Chechen extremists in the past, this is the first major attack against Russian soil in several years.  Interestingly enough, the attack was timed to occur on the same day Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin was scheduled to address a media forum in St. Petersburg.  Speculation is now running that the metro explosion may also be “blowback” for Russian participation in the Syrian Civil War.  You can be sure that Russian security forces will make a thorough search for these malcontents.  Reprisals against suspected extremist groups in Russia most certainly will take place. I doubt if any terrorists connected with this incident will survive after security forces find them.  Perhaps it’s time for the United States, the UK, France, Germany, and Turkey to  work with the Russian Federation to track down and eliminate a common enemy.  Sooner or later, this wave of idiocy will wash upon our shores. We best be ready.

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