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Here’s the latest podcast from Stratfor Intelligence.  Stratfor is one of the most respected independent intelligence gathering companies in the United States.  Stratfor intelligence analysts have briefed presidents, members of Congress, the military, and international companies.

Here’s a brief synopsis of today’s featured podcast:

“Disruptive technologies can potentially lead to major geopolitical shifts. In the latest Stratfor Talks podcast, Science and Technology Analyst Rebecca Keller looks at several emerging fields and how they may reshape current global trends. Then Senior Analyst Sim Tack sits down to discuss Strafor’s Focal Point series of satellite imagery and how it contributes to Stratfor’s broader strategic intelligence analysis. Have a question or comment for the Stratfor Talks podcast? Leave us a message and we may include your comment in a future episode. You can reach Stratfor Talks at 1-512-744-4300 x 3917. You can also email us at”

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