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Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 19 May 2017, 06:45 hrs, UTC, Post #205.


Accessed on 19 May 2017, 06:45 hrs, UTC.

Reporters:  Matthew Neusbaum and Theodore Meyer (“Politico”).

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“Politico” correspondents Matthew Neusbaum and Theodore Meyer provide some interesting background and perspective on the crises that may end the Trump Presidency.  The escalating domestic and foreign policy scandals leaking from the White House have some conservative congressional Republicans thinking of replacing Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Pence, who is seen as more level-headed, cautious, and diplomatic than the flamboyant Mr. Trump.

Neusbaum and Meyer believe it’s just a matter of time before Trump either resigns or faces impeachment, making Mike Pence the new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

“I find it unlikely that Trump is going anywhere,” one GOP lobbyist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, wrote in an email. “That being said, Pence is well-liked on the Hill, fairly predictable, and doesn’t stir up much unnecessary drama.”

“A number of Republican lobbyists already view Pence as a source of stability in an otherwise tumultuous White House. Many of Pence’s top staffers — including his chief of staff, Josh Pitcock — worked for Pence during his years in the House and are deeply familiar with the legislative process. Other former Pence staffers from his House days are working elsewhere in the administration, including Marc Short, the legislative affairs director, and Russ Vought, deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget.”

“While Pence may not be as commanding a figure in Trump’s White House as Dick Cheney was in George W. Bush’s, Trump has leaned on him heavily. Lobbyists who set up meetings between Pence and their clients must warn them that the vice president may be an hour and a half late or have to leave after 10 minutes because Trump is constantly calling him into the Oval Office to confer with him, according to one Republican lobbyist.”

“But that doesn’t mean a Pence transition would be smooth. In the unlikely event that Trump is removed from office, Pence would assume the presidency amid a constitutional crisis. He could also be considered tainted by his past devotion to Trump.”


If this scenario plays out, Mr. Pence will find himself in a curious deja vu moment, facing the issue of what to do with a dismissed president.  Remember when Richard Nixon resigned and Gerry Ford assumed the Presidency?  All was going well until Mr. Ford pardoned Mr. Nixon for  charges stipulated in an impeachment procedure.  Mr. Nixon resigned rather than face “high crimes and misdemeanors” listed in the impeachment filing.  If Mr. Pence pardons Mr. Trump for the scandals coming from the White House, he, too, may face defeat in the next presidential election, just as Mr. Ford did when he lost to Jimmy Carter.  Of course, this is only speculation until a formal investigation is completed by the special counsel for the U.S. Judiciary Department.  Should Mr. Mueller decide that Mr. Trump violated the law, then Mr. Pence will be forced to make a difficult decision.  I trust Mr. Pence will do “the right thing.”

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