The latest wave of terrorism will get worse before it gets better

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 26 June 2017, 00:15 hrs, UTC, Post #239.


Accessed on 26 June 2017, 00:15 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Bruce Newsome (“The Conversation”).

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A new kind of terrorism is stalking the world.  According to correspondent Bruce Newsome, the goal of this hate-filled version “is to kill as many people, as frequently as possible, intimately, suicidally, with the most accessible weapons, in the most accessible public places.”  All one has to do is read the recent headlines of terrorist attacks in the UK to understand how traditional terrorism has evolved into something undeniably sinister and evil.

Older forms of terrorism from the 1960s were mostly secular and ideological, with targets being mainly political and military institutions.  In the first decade of the twenty-first century, terrorism has morphed into a religiously tainted credo where everyone and all cultures not adhering to some preordained belief are suspect and worthy only of death.

Newsome’s analysis is chilling, sobering, and a harsh introduction to the realities of our digital age:

“Increasing urbanization and growing population sizes provide readier targets. We found that newest terrorists choose more public targets, such as theaters and shopping malls, theoretically in pursuit of higher lethality and terror. Old terrorists choose more politically useful or symbolic targets, such as government buildings or military barracks.”

“Thanks to easier access to information, new terrorists are more informed about their opposition’s policies, tactics, techniques and procedures. They have access to better surveillance technologies, such as for mapping targets.”

“What’s more, terrorists use open borders, easier travel and communication technologies. For instance, the Manchester bomber traveled regularly to Libya for conferences with extremists and eventually terrorists from the Islamic State.”

“Finally, there is the fact that these newest terrorist use information and communication technologies to communicate with the public directly. These technologies are even used to attract targets to the site of the attack.”


Given these trends, attacks against major population centers, public meeting places, and vacation spots will only get worse in the coming months.  Despite the best efforts of world governments to contain this menace, these religiously-motivated attacks won’t stop anytime soon.  How do you stop a bunch of fanatics who want to die anyway?  To defeat this insidious wave of violence, we’ll have to get into the mindset of these extremists and figure out what will work against them.  Unfortunately, we may have to sacrifice some of our personal freedoms in the process.  What will be cost to our personal freedoms if we really want to stop these new terrorists?  One-party states, such as the Peoples Republic of China, have already adopted severe internet restrictions to cut off terrorist propaganda and recruitment.  Will the same steps be needed here? I have a sinking feeling that security will override privacy, paving the way for a velvet-gloved police state.  A new age of senseless violence is approaching. The future of humanity looks grim, indeed.

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