Large-scale cyberattack is spreading through Russia and Ukraine

Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 27 June 2017, 20:05 hrs, UTC, Post #241.


Reporter:  Mallory Locklear.

Accessed on 27 June 2017, 20:05 hrs, UTC.

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Security officials are trying to find the source of a potent ransomware which struck targets in The Russian Federation and in Ukraine.  Today’s (27 June 2017) cyberattack targeted a number of facilities, including banks and power companies.  Russian oil producer Rosneft and metal company Evraz have been affected by the malicious ransomware known as “Petya.”  In Ukraine, an airport, the banking system, some government agencies, and a power distribution company reported major computer problems.  Fortunately, most of the companies and agencies experiencing the attack were able to maintain services through reserve control systems.

According to “Engadget” correspondent,

Mallory Locklear, both The Russian Federation and Ukraine have been targeted by the ransomware, and the fear among security experts is that the ransomware is spreading throughout Europe:

“Ukraine was the target of a slew of cyberattacks last year. The country’s power grid and weapon supply were hacked and Boryspil airport was hit with an attack as well. Those instances were all thought by Ukraine to have originated in Russia. But the origins of today’s attacks, which have hit both Ukrainian and Russian infrastructure, aren’t yet known.”

“There are also reports that a ransomware called “Petya” is ravaging a number of countries throughout Europe, but it’s as of now unclear if the “unknown virus” reported to be affecting the Ukrainian and Russian companies is the same one.”


It’s only a matter of time before “Petya” and its worrisome malware cousins impact commercial, health, and government operations in the United States.  About the only thing you can do to mitigate the damage from these attacks is to upgrade your operating systems, educate your employees, and add extra layers of security to your websites and blogs.  We’ve entered a new phase of warfare where victors and losers will be determined in the digital universe.  I hope all of us are prepared for the onslaught that is yet to come.

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