How will empires end?

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This post examines the state of empire in the 21st century and what the future of world power may be like in the years ahead.  According to Chris at, the structure of empire is familiar, from Roman times to the present state of the British and U.S. empires. Simply stated, the state uses its military and economic power to ensure stability, to enforce its laws, and maintain the social order. In return for stability, vassal states support the empire with their taxes.  As long as tax collections exceed expenses and the populace remains quiet, “things were golden.” But, as we all know, human societies are always restless, and, in time, the top-down and centralist power structure of empires weakens, leading to revolts and often new nations. The events of the 20th century had an especially devastating impact on the British Empire, which is only a shade of its former self.

Now, a similar wave of change is enveloping the European Community and the United States. According to Chris at, the days of empire are nearly over because of rapid change and the inversion of the traditional power structure:

“Today, the costs and losses of the empire (I’m using the term loosely here to include the nation states of the world but in particular the US and EU) are socialised. Like an insurance policy, the costs are distributed across society. The rewards are, however, privatised. They don’t accrue to the state… and this is very different from how the Romans or Genghis Khan ran things.”

“Lobby groups and big business push for policies and privileges that will benefit their chosen industry and/or business.”

“In turn, the state tilts the playing field in their favour. This comes at a cost, and that cost is a cost to the state, not the industry being favoured.”

“When enough of this happens… like now, for instance, then the finances get all wonky. What’s ironic is that the revolving door between Wall Street and the White House is parasitic on the state, which in turn is a parasite on the citizenry.”

“Parasites can be fed and maintained up until the point where they kill the host. The Cheneys, Gores, Bushes, and Clintons of this world don’t siphon funds directly from the treasury like our friend Mugabe and his ilk. They just do the same thing via companies and charities. It provides a cloak to true intentions… but the results are the same. A math problem which reaches breaking point.”

“This is a problem not just for the US and Europe. It’s a problem for the nation state structure, which is more buggered than an alter boy in the Vatican.”

“This is because the centralised structure of not only running a country but doing business at every level is being destroyed.”

“The vast majority of real wealth in the world today involves intellectual property, and in the information age… which is where we find ourselves living in today, this matters a great deal to centralised structures.”

“Consider that, for the first time in history, individual companies are worth more than the most modern large governments of the world. It is a consequence of an ongoing unstoppable trend towards decentralisation, and it promises to bring us an entirely different empire that will follow the existing one.”


What will succeed current nation-states is unknown, but some trends are clear. First, international conglomerates will assume a more active political role and will control much of the world’s financial and economic activity. In effect, the national state will become the corporate state. Second, world power will be divided into several factions, neither of which will be sufficiently powerful to absorb or defeat an opponent. Such a scenario is outlined in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984.” Third, world-based corporations will control the gathering, distribution, interpretation, and marketing of information. The amount of data controlled by large companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and various social media such as Facebook will enable governments to monitor society in fine detail.  Basic freedoms of religion, speech, and access to information will be tightly controlled.  The new empire is already being formed and it’s as near as the internet. Privacy is largely a myth. We’ve been conquered without even knowing it.

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