Geopolitical News, 02 March 2018

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Here are today’s top geopolitical news stories from EIN News/EIN Press Wire:

  • Published on 16:40 GMT

    Europe severe weather: Death toll rises amid freeze

    Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMotorists and pedestrians in Ukraine struggle with snow after heavy fallsThe death toll from severe weather has risen across Europe, with at least 23 casualties in Poland alone amid sub-zero …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 20:46 GMT

    Slovakia journalist murder: Thousands attend protest vigils

    Image copyright EPA Image caption Marchers carried a banner saying “an attack on journalists is an attack on us all” Thousands of Slovaks have been holding nationwide protest vigils in memory of a journalist and his fianceé, who were shot dead …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 18:39 GMT

    Europe wary of May’s ideas for post-Brexit harmony

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union officials reacted warily on Friday to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals to maintain trade ties after Brexit, welcoming her tone but describing some of her demands as unrealistic. Britain’s Prime …

  • Published on 23:46 GMT

    Italy election: Parties hold final pre-poll rallies

    Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Silvio Berlusconi cannot hold public office until next year due to a tax fraud conviction Italy’s main political parties have wrapped up campaigning ahead of Sunday’s general election – each …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 15:18 GMT

    Egypt arrests mother of woman at centre of BBC report

    Image caption Zubeida’s mother told the BBC her daughter vanished in April 2017 An Egyptian woman who spoke to the BBC about the torture and forced disappearance of her daughter has been arrested by Egyptian authorities on suspicion of spreading false …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 14:31 GMT

    Mali Islamists release video of French hostage

    ABIDJAN (Reuters) – An al Qaeda affiliate based in Mali has released a video of French aid worker Sophie Petronin, who was kidnapped in late 2016. Petronin ran a charity for malnourished and orphan children and had lived in the city of Gao, in Mali’s …

    Source: Reuters
  • Published on 14:36 GMT

    Israel and Poland in talks to rescue relations amid holocaust controversy

    Sitting down for talks, Israel appeared to put aside frustration stemming from the Polish government pushing ahead with the law by stressing the need for dialogue.   “Israel and Poland enjoy strong political bilateral ties, based on common values,” said …

  • Published on 14:52 GMT

    I’m upbeat German SPD will reject Merkel coalition: youth leader

    BERLIN (Reuters) – The leader of the youth wing of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) is optimistic a majority of the party’s members will vote down another alliance with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, he told Reuters on Friday. Kevin Kuehnert, …

  • Published on 18:06 GMT

    Ukraine closes schools to save gas as Russia keeps pipelines closed

    Image copyright AFP Image caption This Soviet-era monument in Kiev is – like much of Ukraine – under several feet of snow Ukraine has told all schools and higher education institutions to close in an effort to save gas, after its Russian supplier refused …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 14:36 GMT

    Puigdemont’s case presented to the UN, arguing Spain has violated his rights

    Mr Rajoy has already dismissed the proposal of Mr Sanchez as ridiculous. Speaking to Telecinco on Thursday, he insisted independence parties must choose a president without legal problems. “Anything else is frankly a joke,” he said, and sent the …

  • Published on 15:29 GMT

    UK ‘burying head in the sand’ -How Europe reacted to Theresa May’s Brexit speech

    A key ally of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, accused Theresa May of “burying her head in the sand” in her key Brexit speech at Mansion House on Friday.  Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party in the European …

  • Published on 15:56 GMT

    North Korea war could ‘kill 10,000 US troops within days’

    A war with North Korea could result in about 10,000 American combat-related casualties in the first few days alone, according to US military planners. A classified military exercise last week, attended by Army chief of staff General Mark Milley and head …

  • Published on 15:58 GMT

    France avalanche: Four die in southern Alps

    Image copyright AFP/Getty At least four people have been killed in an avalanche in south-east France, police say. The avalanche hit near the ski resort of Entraunes, in the French Alps near the border with Italy, at around 13:00 local time (12:00 GMT …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 15:58 GMT

    Luka Modric: Croatia football captain charged with perjury

    Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption The midfielder has been charged with lying during his former manager’s trial Croatian authorities have charged the captain of the national football team, Luka Modric, with perjury. The Real Madrid …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 22:50 GMT

    President ‘roughed up’ in football match

    A judicial source told AFP the officials were arrested on charges of “conspiracy against the president” (pictured right)Two Burundi officials have been imprisoned after the African country’s president was allegedly “roughed up” in …

    Source: BBC
  • Published on 19:57 GMT

    Donald Trump is against gun control, NRA says after meeting president

    Donald Trump appeared to make a sharp U-turn on gun control measures yesterday after coming under heavy pressure from the National Rifle Association. The US president met with America’s biggest gun lobby less than a day after stunning fellow …

  • Published on 12:54 GMT

    Polish lawmaker: due reparations from Germany could stand at $850 billion

    WARSAW (Reuters) – Warsaw has the right to demand reparations from Germany potentially worth $850 billion (616.34 billion pounds) for destroyed property and people killed during World War Two, the politician in charge of reparations said on Friday. The …

    Source: Reuters
  • Published on 13:41 GMT

    Anti-Putin protests after election could get violent, opposition warns

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Protests against Vladimir Putin after his expected re-election as president this month could descend into street clashes if police crack down too hard on demonstrators, a senior opposition politician said. FILE PHOTO: Riot police detain …

    Source: Reuters
  • Published on 13:39 GMT

    The mystery of the horticulturalists missing in South Africa

    Image copyright Nick Bailey South African police are asking the public for help in finding a missing couple who were kidnapped last month in a case with suspected links to the Islamic State group (IS). Rodney Saunders, 73, and his wife Rachel, 64, have …

    Source: BBC
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