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On 01 March 2018, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian Duma (Legislative Assembly), describing six new “strategic” hypersonic weapons systems that will be able to penetrate U.S. and European ballistic missile defense shields and render a defensive strike meaningless.

Fearsome as these new systems are, GlobalSecurity.org believes most of the weapons under development are “old news”,untested, and “pointless.”  Some intelligence analysts believe Mr. Putin is trying to leverage these weapons of mass destruction to gain economic, political, and territorial concessions from NATO, the EU, and the United States.

GlobalSecurity.org analysts have examined the six weapons systems and have determined the potential threat of each weapons program. Views expressed in this analysis are those of the reporters and correspondents:

Sarmat RS-28 / 15A28 ICBM

A replacement for the SS-18 built by the Yuzhnoye complex, now in Ukraine. This Russian copy is built by Russia’s State Rocket Center V. P. Makeyev of (Miass) and NPO Engineering (Reutov) along with NPO Mashinostroyeniya. The last such American heavy ICBM, the Titan II, was withdrawn from service in 1987, three decades ago.


A boost-glide maneuvering reenty vehicle that would evade high altitude endo-atmospheric missile defense inteceptors. The United States has no plans to deploy such interceptors to defend the continental USA.

VLK Laser
Combat Laser Complex

Yet another Russian ground-based tactical laser. Much larger than previous such lasers, it is similar to the American Tactical High Energy Laser [THEL] that performed so poorly some 15 years ago.

9M730 Dagger

A long-range [2,000 km] air launched hypersonic [+ Mach 5] cruise missile. Available imagery makes it look more like a test of a dummy air-dropped 9K720 Iskander [SS-26 STONE] tactical surface-to-surface missile. Not clear what problem it solves, apart from giving the MiG-31 a new lease on life as a theater tactical bomber.

Nuclear powered Cruise Missile
KRND - Unlimited Range Cruise Missile

Said to be a cruise missile with a nuclear power plant with practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight trajectory and the possibility of bypassing interception lines. The claim that the reactor could fit within the American Tomahawk cruise missile, with a diameter of about 0.63 meters [21 inches] is particularly hard to swallow.

Status-6 Torpedo

First deliberately “leaked” on 10 November 2015 Russian evening news programs. Such a torpedo was envisaged in 1950s, during Cold War, by nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov. Interesting as a Doomsday Machine, should one be needed. But this really looks like disinformation.

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