Russia’s population crisis

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According to correspondent Matt Rosenberg, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is trying to defuse a ticking population bomb in the Russian heartland.  Rosenberg says Mr. Putin has  deeper issues than arming his national forces with the latest hypersonic weapons and casting doubts about U.S. foreign policy.  At the core of Russia’s rapidly evolving internal collapse is the country’s rapidly declining population, which threatens Russia’s internal stability, economic growth, and military influence.

Rosenberg identifies several disturbing trends which will create internal weakness and possible chaos in the Russian Federation:

A low birth rate.

A high death rate.

High numbers of abortions.

Low immigration rates.

A growing “brain drain” as many Russians seek better jobs and opportunities in Western Europe and elsewhere.

Rosenberg says the population crisis is getting worse, with Russia potentially losing 32 million people or nearly 20 percent of its population by the year 2050.

According to correspondent Rosenberg, Mr. Putin is well-aware of the impending population collapse and has asked the Russian Parliament (the Duma) to take steps to resolve the issue before it’s too late:


Putin himself explored the issues surrounding the low birth rate during his speech, asking “What has prevented a young family, a young woman, from making this decision? The answers are obvious: low incomes, a lack of normal housing, doubts about the level of medical services and quality education. At times, there are doubts about the ability to provide enough food.”

Something to think about as we worry about Russian expansion into Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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