Terrorism News, 04 Oct 2018

Accessed on 04 October 2018, 0722 UTC, Post #740.

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2 responses to “Terrorism News, 04 Oct 2018

  1. I think you need to get your news on Pakistan from anywhere but not the global MSM i.e. if you are interested in truth vs disinformation. Pakistan has NOT asked for the ‘Aid’ to be resumed, this is not AID, it is REIMBURSEMENT of money spent by Pakistan on America’s Fake War on Terror under the Collation Support Fund which Americans have owed Pakistan for a good while. Secondly Pakistan did not even bring this ‘owed money’ up in the mutual discussions during Pompeo’s visit to Pakistan in early September, yet this the MSM is intent on making fake news only to give the impression Pakistan is after the money… honestly as Pakistanis, the real ones, not the American stooges here, I would just say to hell with the American money and to hell with the quagmires that Americans are so fond of creating all around the globe to establish their hegemony.

    • Thanks for your concern and well-crafted reply. I value your opinion on this matter. It’s good to hear another side of this issue. Aloha from Hawaii…Russ.

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