Geopolitical News, 06 Nov 2018

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“EIN News Editors’ Picks”, 06 November 2018.

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Comment:  Here are today’s top geopolitical news stories from EIN News/EIN Presswire.  Views expressed in this intelligence summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

EIN News Editors’ Picks

Daily update · November 6, 2018


Emmanuel-Macron, French President The French judiciary has issued international arrest warrants for three high-ranking Syrian officials for their complicity in acts of torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity, a non-governmental organisation said on …

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given the go-ahead for a controversial bill that allows the imposition of the death penalty for Palestinians involved in attacks against Israelis. Speaking in a meeting with coalition party heads on Sunday, …

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Afghanistan is sending a delegation to attend international peace talks in Russia this month, officials said on November 6. Moscow is hosting the event on November 9 at a sensitive time when the United States has been seeking to engage the Taliban in talks …

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Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) suffered a blow in Sunday’s mayoral runoff elections, according to exit poll data. The second-round vote between the top two vote-getters from the October 21 first round took place in 649 cities, towns …

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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Russian actors believed to be connected to the government have been actively involved in spreading divisive content and promoting extreme themes in the run-up to Tuesday’s U.S. mid-term elections, but they are working harder to …

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American support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen has been a flashpoint for some vocal members of Congress since the fighting began more than three years ago. But until now, lawmakers have not been able to rally sufficient support to end U.S. involvement in …

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The fashion brand of first daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump won first trial approval for 16 new Chinese trademarks — the largest number of trademarks her business has received from China in a single month — according to government watchdog …

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The third-party candidates listed represent our best approximation of who will appear on each district’s general election ballot. The candidates listed will update as each race is finalized; some listed candidates may not ultimately qualify for the general …

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Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has launched the kingdom’s first nuclear research reactor as part of a plan to diversify the kingdom’s energy mix and acquire nuclear capabilities, state media reported. The reactor launched on November 5 is …

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On the morning of November 9, 2016, millions of Americans woke up in a fog. In New Holland, Pennsylvania, Annie Weaver stopped at the Wawa on her way to the school where she teaches, and she couldn’t look anybody in the eye. Brandi Calvert, a real estate …

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“Are we rewriting America’s Electoral College map tonight?” In the predawn hours of Nov. 9, 2016, CNN’s chief national correspondent John King posed the question that would come to define the mechanics of Donald Trump’s victory. It had been 28 years since …

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