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Florida School Shooting Panel Recommends Arming Teachers
The panel investigating the shooting massacre at a Florida high school earlier this year recommends arming teachers to stop future shootings…. [Full Story]
House Approves Farm Bill without Tightened Food Stamps Criteria
The U.S. House of Representatives passed the farm bill on Wednesday,[Full Story]
After Khashoggi Murder, Senate Debates US Role in Yemen
The Senate is debating a resolution that would call on the U.S. to[Full Story]
Enter Any Name, Wait 10 Seconds, Try to Keep Calm
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UK Prime Minister May Wins Confidence Vote
May faced a no-confidence vote from members of her own party over her[Full Story]
Top 9 Candidates for Trump's White House Chief of Staff
The Nation’s Capital is rife with speculation over White House Chief[Full Story] | 
UN Chief Calls for Compromise, Sacrifice at Climate Talks
The United Nations secretary-general called on countries to make[Full Story]
The Dow is Crashing: Take Advantage of Gold
SPONSOR: 4 Reasons why the stock market will continue to drop[Full Story]
3 Found Alive inside West Virginia Coal Mine
Three people missing since last weekend were found alive Wednesday in[Full Story]
Bill O'Reilly to Newsmax TV: Asylum Situation Is a 'Scam'
Bill O’Reilly called America’s asylum policy a “scam” that [Full Story] | 
House, Senate Reach Agreement on Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill
House and Senate negotiators have reached an agreement on a bill to[Full Story]
Boy Scouts of America May Declare Bankruptcy
The Boy Scouts of America may soon declare bankruptcy as lawsuits[Full Story]
President Trump's Biggest, Best, Stock Market Gift to You
SPECIAL: You could quickly triple your money, then make a lot more[Full Story]

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Steph Curry Rips Fake News of His Moon-Landing Joke
NBA’s Stephen Curry “was silently protesting how stupid it was” his[Full Story]
FCC Mulls Ending Ban on Broadcast Network Mergers
The FCC will review whether to modify or even eliminate a series of[Full Story]
Reagan to Newsmax TV: How About Congress' Slush Fund?
Michael Cohen got the prison sentence he deserved, political [Full Story] | 
Judge Rejects Officer's Claim of No 'Duty' to Protect Kids
The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer asked a[Full Story]
MSNBC's Mika Apologizes for Using Homophobic Slur
For using what critics called a homophobic slur on the air Wednesday,[Full Story]
Huawei CFO Gets Bail; China Detains Ex-Canadian Diplomat
A Canadian court granted bail Tuesday to a top Chinese executive[Full Story]
Ex-Cohen Lawyer Says Trump Allies Should Be Worried
People who were associated with the Trump campaign should be worried[Full Story]
US Debt Under Trump Has Swelled by Size of Brazil's Economy
U.S. government debt is on track this year to rise at the fastest [Full Story]
Lowe's to Buy Back $10 Billion in Shares
U.S. home improvement chain Lowe’s Co.s Inc. on Wednesday approved a[Full Story]
Paul to Newsmax TV: Wall Debate Must Bring Cost Down
If it helps to bring down the cost of building the border wall, the[Full Story]
Claire McCaskill: I Won't Run Again
Sen. Claire McCaskill says she will never run for elected office [Full Story]
Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Gets 3 Years in Prison
President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Coehn was sentenced to[Full Story]
Rep. Jordan: Pelosi Wrong About Vote on Border Wall
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said there are not enough votes in the[Full Story] | 
Sign Ups for Obamacare Soar in Final Weeks
As the enrollment period comes to a close for Obamacare plans, more[Full Story]

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