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Before we consider today’s geopolitical trends, let’s briefly review the top world news headlines from the BBC in London.  To watch the BBC News video, please click this link:

Here are today’s top geopolitical developments from the BBC and

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Why did Trump’s love affair with US generals turn sour?

The US president has heavily relied upon high-profile military men, but he has not got what he expected.
Niki Lauda: Former F1 world champion back in hospital five months after lung transplant

Three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda is in hospital in Vienna with influenza, five months after having a lung transplant.
Bangladesh election: ‘Gang rape’ suspects detained

The Bangladeshi woman says she was raped because she voted for the opposition in last week’s elections.
Egypt opens Middle East’s biggest cathedral

President Sisi inaugurated the massive Coptic cathedral, a day after a bomb blast near a church.
The concrete blocks that once protected Britain

Photographer Joe Pettet-Smith’s pictures of the remaining sound mirrors that were once used to detect approaching enemy aircraft.
Venezuela Supreme Court judge Christian Zerpa flees to US

Supreme Court judge Christian Zerpa says he fled to protest against President Nicolás Maduro’s rule.


Saudi woman says she’s being ‘held’ at Thai airport

A young Saudi woman says she is being detained at Bangkok’s main airport after trying to escape from her parents in Kuwait.
CES 2019: Friendly robots, oddball cars and a lot of artificial intelligence

Robots that keep you company, faster internet on phones, voice controlled everything, and oddball vehicles to replace regular cars. They’re just some of the technologies coming to CES 2019, the massive consumer electronics show that takes over Las Vegas for a
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