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March 12, 2019

Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the World Wide Web on March 11, 1989. Now, the internet and the web mean virtually the same thing and the world is connected in a way no one foresaw three decades ago. In honor of the anniversary, we thought we’d take a nostalgic trip of our own and look at The World’s many iterations on the information superhighway. Check out our site’s many different looks here.

Also, as a new mother, Eula Biss was hesitant to vaccinate her son. She researched anti-vaccination in the US and other parts of the world and wrote about her initial hesitancy in her 2014 book, “On Immunity: An Inoculation.” Biss talked to The World about vaccine hesitancy of mothers in the US and around the world.

And Ugandan Sarah Tshila discovered music through listening to the radio. She was especially inspired by the album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”  

— Anna Pratt, The Scan editor

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On this anniversary of the invention of the internet, we took a look back at all the changes to the design of our homepage.

Eula Biss used to be a “vaccine hesitant,” but after researching anti-vaccination in the US and other parts of the world for her book, she changed her mind.

The 1998 album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” helped change Sarah Tshila’s direction in life. This Ugandan-born college graduate with a degree in computer science decided to become a musician.

The vote puts the world’s fifth largest economy in uncharted territory with no obvious way forward: exiting the EU without a deal, delaying the March 29 divorce date, a snap election, or even another referendum are all now possible.

Singapore and Australia became the latest nations to suspend Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on Tuesday, while identification of the Ethiopian Airlines crash’s 157 victims dragged on and black box recorders were yet to yield the cause.

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