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March 14, 2019

As the nights grow longer at the bottom of the world, the sea around the Nathaniel B. Palmer icebreaker is starting to freeze. On Wednesday, the captain of the Palmer and science team leaders decided to start heading north a few days ahead of schedule after a final study site was blocked by ice and satellite images showed the passageway out of the Amundsen Sea growing narrower. The World’s Carolyn Beeler explores the different kinds of sea ice forming around the Palmer.

Eight years ago this week, a revolution began in Syria. The protests spawned a civil war that has displaced millions, causing one of the largest humanitarian refugee crisis in modern history. Abdulkafi Alhamdo was an English teacher in Aleppo in 2011. “Speak about us so at least the next generations will know that we really just wanted freedom,” he tells The World.

And whatever you might think of President Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy, he has done one thing previous presidents have not: He has personally engaged in the conduct of American diplomacy at the highest level. We look at Trump’s track record on foreign diplomacy.

— Anna Pratt, The Scan editor

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The research team aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer is starting to wrap up their work studying Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. As the Amundsen Sea starts to freeze up, the captain of the ship will be constantly on the lookout for gaps in the ice that will carry the ship home.

Adbulkafi Alhamdo fled Aleppo and is now living in Idlib with his two young daughters. Even though the cost was higher than he thought it would be, he doesn’t regret standing up for freedom, he says.

When Mike Pompeo took over at the State Department last year, he said he would bring the “swagger” back to American diplomacy. How do you square that with the Trump administration’s call to slash funding at the State Department by almost a quarter?

British lawmakers on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected leaving the European Union without a deal, paving the way for a vote to delay Brexit to seek a way out of Britain’s worst political crisis in generations.

Lyudmila Savchuk went undercover at a Russian troll farm in St. Petersburg in 2014. Since she wrote her investigative piece, she’s made it her mission to speak out against Kremlin-connected troll farms. But she’s no longer convinced that she’s winning the battle.

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