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April 15, 2019

Notre-Dame Cathedral went up in flames on Monday in a roaring blaze that devastated the Parisian landmark, one of France’s most visited places. Flames burst through the roof of the centuries-old cathedral and quickly engulfed the spire, which collapsed. A huge plume of smoke wafted across the city and ash fell over a large area. Firefighters cleared the area around the cathedral, which marks the very center of Paris. Buildings around it were evacuated. Notre-Dame was in the midst of renovations, with some sections under scaffolding, and bronze statues were removed last week for work.

Also, Atlanta’s green energy plan, approved by the City Council in March, aims to get the city to 100% green in 16 years. 

And the Swiss government recently announced that it will no longer stockpile coffee beans in its emergency reserves, arguing that coffee isn’t essential to life.

— Anna Pratt, The Scan editor

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The roof of the centuries-old cathedral caught fire Monday, causing the spire to collapse and devastating the landmark.

More than 100 cities have pledged to run on 100% renewable energy and signed onto the Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” campaign. But turning commitment into action is where the real work begins, and Atlanta might be the ultimate test case.

The country this week decided it would no longer require companies to stockpile coffee. For those working in the coffee business, it’s a slight.

History is full of examples of loonshots that have been dismissed by those in the mainstream.

Environmental activists are demanding the UK government declare a climate and ecological emergency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and create a citizen’s assembly of members of the public to lead on decisions to address climate change.

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